VACUTEC WV-J-6901-89, Inert Gas Pack Kit

Features and Benefits:


  • Perfect for shops that do low to medium volume EVAP testing
  • Inexpensive and easy to refill; check any local paintball retailer, sporting goods store or any home improvement center with a liquid CO2 cylinder exchange program or your local welding supply
  • Quick disconnect allows for connecting of shop air to smoke machine for general purpose leak testing
  • Meets SAE International technical papers inert gas recommendations (2008-01-0554 and 2007-01-1235) for safer EVAP system testing
  • Automakers also require the use of an inert gas when testing an EVAP system

NEW Inert Gas Pack kit provides safer vehicle Fuel Vapor Recovery (EVAP) testing in a very portable kit. Provides all the power of a full sized gas cylinder in an easy to hold, portable hand held unit. This unitís 20oz. cylinder, designed for charging with liquified CO2, many times longer than any equal sized compressed gas cylinder. Note: Using air as the smoke carrier is not recommended when testing EVAP systems because air (which contains 21% oxygen) can create a flammable fuel mixture in the vehicle's fuel tank. Test safely!


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