Jackson Safety 3013592, Halo X 12 NexGen Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

Features and Benefits:


  • Extreme lightweight shell design, weighs only 6 oz.
  • Hydraflex shell for the ultimate in flexibility and durability
  • Duralogic high index metallic paint
  • Ergonomic, lightweight design reduces neck tension and fatigue
  • Easily attaches to safety caps for added head protection

The NexGen by Huntsman is truly the next generation of auto-darkening for the welding specialist. Featuring the flexibility of digital technology with the stability of analog, the NexGen is the smartest auto-darkening filter on the market! Intellisense technology allows the NexGen to sense even the most precise welding applications such as plasma arc and extreme low amp tig. The sleek, balanced design and weight reduces "top-heavy" effect. Features high impact, seamless graphic design. New snap-shut easy view clamshell with handle for display and carry.

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Price: $601.38
Sale Price:$439.61