H And S Auto Shot UVA400R, Ultraviolet Portable Curing Unit (Mobile Repair)

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Features and Benefits:


  • Gives a full cure in 2 minutes - portable countdown timer with audible alarm
  • 400 Watts of curing power - Largest coverage area available at 16in
  • Protective glass filters out harmful UVB rays - Safety lockout switch on filter glass
  • Safety shutters designed to control second hand UV radiation when unit is operating but not in use - Shutters close to protect filter glass from overspray when not in use
  • Hour meter to monitor UV emitter life - Fan-Cooled head to increase the life of the UV emitter

The HSAUVA400R Ultraviolet lamp comes with a Mobile repair stand for mobile repair use. This lamp is designed to be easily assembled and then disassembled when moving from one location to another. Less than 5 amp draw on 110 watts.



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