SG Tool Aid 61800, Strut Alignment Level

Features and Benefits:


Use this simple level to restore a vehicle's camber setting after strut repair or installation. Allows technician or customer to safely drive the vehicle before a more precise wheel alignment can be performed. More accurate than other methods. Also useful for repairs on CV joints, ball joints and tie rod ends.


  • Super strong magnet - mounts on brake rotor, spindle or steering knuckle.
  • Easy to read, unbreakable bubble level.
  • Camber settings from -3 degrees to +3 degrees for additional adjustment.
  • Works on all vehicles equipped with MacPherson struts.
  • Can remain on the vehicle during repair, or can be removed.
  • Easy to use - 1. Simply place on rotor before repair and zero the level. 2. Tighten the wing nut. 3. After the repair, push or pull on the strut until the level returns to the zero position.


Product SKU: SGT61800


Price: $32.75
Sale Price:$20.98